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Creative Solutions

The way in which companies operate is changing with the digital age, and this has created an environment where business technology decisions can have a great impact on success. We're here to help make sure you have the security and flexibility your technology demands.

D3 Technology Group is a provider of IT services and solutions to small, medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises. We are committed to providing high quality service with the latest technology available. We want our clients to know that they have chosen the right partner in D3 Technology Group for their business needs.

Joseph Donth
Joseph Donth
Chief Tech Guru

about D3tg

Creative Solutions

In the early days of the internet, after starting out in technology, writing programs and building systems, I developed web applications, working with a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurs to large corporations. I have a diverse background in many industries, which gives me a unique experience and perspective for the needs of my clients. You need someone who can take your situation and make it their own.

"I'm not your average technology consultant."

Understanding my client's goals is what makes me successful. I find a way to help them accomplish those objectives. Working with so many different technologies, I can see things they might not even know was possible. I help streamline problems and find creative solutions with my clients while assisting with deployment.

The best solutions are often the most overlooked. I have been in many situations where I was able to provide my clients with a technology-based solution they did not know was possible.

I pride myself on not “selling” a brand or product. My recommendations and directions come from collaborating with many companies, but each client's needs are different - which means that one solution might work for you while another won't.

My motto is "Fortune 500 Service for Small Businesses", which means you can get the quality and level of service that large corporations are using without paying their prices.

You can trust that my advice and solutions are based on what works best for you, because I succeed when you do.


about d3tg​

Our business is dedicated to helping you grow yours

As a successful company, we want you to be at your best. That’s why our team of experts is constantly on the lookout for new technology and strategies that can make all those years worth it!

Tech Concierge

Tech Concierge is a high-class personal service for those that don’t have time to google answers.

Imagine having a personal Chief Information Officer at your disposal for guidance with decades of experience in multiple disciplines.